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An elementary classroom filled with kids being taught by Drama Lab founder Aaron Strawn.

About Drama Lab

Drama Lab is an after school program that uses theatre games and activities to promote one main goal:


That every student feels accepted,

finds their place to belong,

and becomes more confident in who they are.


Coming Soon
A young excited boy having fun while taking a Drama Lab TV class on his latop at home on a couch.


Engage in live, online sessions with teachers and play our favorite drama games!

A group of elementary kids having a blast are seen reacting to a teacher who is engaging them in an after school Drama Lab acting activity.

After School

Explore your acting skills after school, and improve your social skills, listening, problem solving and focus.

A group of middle school children filled with happiness while taking part in an adult-facilitated Drama Lab summer camp.

Summer Camp

Join camp and play theatre games that jumpstart creativity and imagination. Laughs are guaranteed!



After School

My daughter has had a blast! It has been so nice for her to have fun and be interactive with a teacher and adults! She loves drama and having this available during this time right now completely lifted her spirits!

- Happy Parent

Partner Schools

We are proud of working with each of our partner schools as they gave us enough support to become one of the leading after school acting studio companies.
Here’s a short list of those who have already seen the quality of our services in practice:

Don't see your school on our list?

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