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An after school class for Drama Lab is seen here, kids enjoying their teacher's acting activity.

About Drama Lab

Drama Lab founder Aaron Strawn acts out a story in front of large group of elementary students in an after school acting program.

Have Fun
Build Friendships
Find Yourself

At Drama Lab, our goal is to give kids a place to belong, feel accepted and become more confident.

Explore Drama Lab

We have a place for your dramatic child.

Located in the Twin Cities, Drama Lab is a theatre arts enrichment experience that runs programs before school, after school, during school hours, or anytime during the week. And the best part is we bring the fun to you!  

We play games, laugh, create stories, and explore the wide world of imagination. 

At Drama Lab, anything is possible and no game ever ends the same.


Our goal is to create a place for students to belong, feel accepted, and be more confident! We guarantee that each student will burst with laughter during our classes while improving their social skills, listening, problem solving, focus and make a few friends along the way.

Drama Lab classes enable students to explore their acting skills in a variety of ways.

Improvisation  •  Short Scenes  •  Monologues  •  Creating Characters Stage Confidence  •  Pantomime  •  Voice Projection

Drama Lab Code

I Got This

The fingerprint is unique only to one person.


I Got This is about self-esteem, self-worth and confidence.

Fingerprint icon sharing with students individual expression of the Drama Lab Code: I Got This.

You Got This

The thumbs up is the universal sign of approval.


You Got This is about support, care, and encouragement.

Thumbs up icon encouraging students of the Drama Lab Code: You Got This.

We Got This

The puzzle assembled creates a completed picture.


We Got This is about unity, acceptance, and that we are better together.

Puzzle pieces icon encouraging students of community for the Drama Lab Code: We Got This.

Our First Dollar

While filming a promo video for the website, a stranger interrupts and does something unexpected.


Check out and see how we got our FIRST DOLLAR

Drama Lab First Dollar
Play Video
Cute Kids Posing Against Wall

For most of their day, elementary kids know that there are 2 results to answering a question: Right or wrong. But in drama…there is no wrong answer!

​This allows them to really explore the depths of their creativity and that is encouraged in each of the hour long sessions.

Middle School

6-8th grade is such a pivotal moment in the development of a child. A lot of growing up happens very fast.

​Drama Lab for this age group is really about our ABC's. Acceptance, Belonging, Confidence. We want every student to feel like they can still be silly and have fun with each other.

Students on a Break
Group Seflie

We are excited to be offering Drama Lab for adults this year.

The focus on these classes is not just about developing acting skills, but improving listening, leadership, problem solving, confidence, and more.

The hour long sessions go by so fast, you'll want to keep playing games with your new friends. 

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